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Worship From The Heart

There’s a lot of music out there in the world these days – especially music labeled ‘worship’. So what makes it worth your time to listen to ours? While we certainly hired the best and spent a lot of money to make sure it would sound amazing, what really makes the difference is that our music is filled with faith, it’s personal, and passionate. All of that is wrapped in a high quality modern sound that appeals to many generations. So, whether you are looking for music to lead at your church or just to listen to in the car, we hope this expression of our heart is what you had always wanted to say to God but just couldn’t find the words. So go ahead and head on over to the discography tab and listen to some samples of the music. Don’t feel guilty if you’re pleasantly surprised because the comment we get most is, “I listened to your cd and it’s actually really good!”.

Leading Worship

We are passionate about the presence of the Lord, and, quite frankly, are not that enthralled with the sound of our own voices.  What gets us out the door to travel the thousands of miles we do is that more than anything we want you to experience the life transforming relationship you can have with God.  We just don’t have time or patience for anything that isn’t leading you to worship – which I guess is why it’s called worship leading and not worshiping.  So whether its at a conference, crusade, small church, big church, or even in Spanish, we lead people to worship – not to watch – because God is just way more amazing than we are – even though my mom says I’m pretty cool.


We were pulpit minsters (people who preach in church) before we became worship leaders, which brings and interesting dynamic to our traveling ministry and we often teach about worship as much as we lead worship.  Our years of youth ministry taught us how to be real and how to keep it interesting, which, when combined with the fact that Steve is pretty much a comedian, you will laugh your way to understanding what God is looking for in our worship.  So whether it’s from our preaching or our upcoming book, “72% Cocoa – A Guide to Intense Worship”, you will find our teaching to be practical, funny, and above all, Biblical.

Training That Makes A Difference

We have crisscrossed the country and traveled some into South America conducting individualized training for churches of all sizes and denominations.  It’s like a private worship conference as we work hands-on with your people and with your gear to accomplish your vision.  We also teach at national conferences, such as National Worship Leader Conference, and we are regular contributors to Worship Leader Magazine which led to being selected as one of their “Best Of” for worship training last year.  If all that wasn’t enough, we are excited to now be offering video training and are busily expanding our content library – check it out in the resources tab.

Want to have us in?

The first thing to know is that we do not charge a fee to come.  We believe strongly that the Gospel is and should remain free of charge.  We operate on a love offering/believe God basis.  Not always a walk in the park but quite freeing when you can make decisions based on what God says and not on whether or not you think you make money on it.  It’s certainly nice if we can arrange our schedule to take advantage of already being in the area but what it really comes down to that we pray and go where it seems good.  So if you are interested in having us come please start the conversation by contacting us by email.

What will you do when you get here?

We customize every event to meet your specific needs and ministry vision.  So you can have us do sound training, team training, teach for your services, lead worship or any/all/none of the above.  Our goal is to help you get to the next level in where God is leading you whether it’s to be loud, quiet, reach across multiple generations, or to start the polka worship revolution.

Like to make a donation?

We are not a 501c3 organization and cannot issue a tax receipt, however, your gift still may be tax deductible and we certainly will put it to good use.